April 2018

A blue lake in the forefront with snow topped mountains bordering the far side of the lake and reflected in the lake - Lake Minnewanka, Canada - Photo by Natalie Toombs

How emotions affect your body

Water and Emotions Starting in 1994, Dr Masaru Emoto, conducted tests with water; he would freeze water and observe how it crystallised, under a microscope. That, however, was not the main event. The main event was how words and music, related to emotions, affected the way the crystals formed when frozen. The experiments found that […]

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Wooden steps at the top of Mount Washington, leading downwards into a fog. - Mt Washington - Photo by Joe Beck


How to start to change your life Accepting responsibility for our life is not just about taking responsibility for the way we do our work, being on time for meetings, being a responsible parent or guardian, although they are a part of it. Here we are talking about accepting responsibility for where you are in […]

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A landscape view of a city in the province of Matera, Italy, during sunset. - Province of Matera, Italy - Photograph by Daniele Levis Pelusi.

How Emotions impact our Life

The Secret to Creation Have you ever tried doing something you don’t really want to do? Your emotions detract you from it. You find that it feels like all your energy has been sucked out of you, you have no enthusiasm and it feels like you are made to do it. For most people that’s […]

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