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The Internal Machine

A country road, bordered on both sides by large birches that overhang the road, joining at the top, creating a virtual archway of trees; in relation to how our subconscious is hidden from sight, but directs the path of our lives - Armoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Photograph by Trevor Cole

The Subconscious Mind

The Automatic Self The Subconscious Mind is that part of your mind which you cannot control directly. You cannot alter the subconscious directly. It is that part of us that acts automatically to the situations in our lives. The only way to change the beliefs you hold in your subconscious is by using your conscious […]

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A view of a lake stretching off to the foreground, bordered on both sides by mountain ranges; in relation to how our conscious can help us change the direction of our lives - Lake Bohinj, Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia - Photograph by Ales Krivec

The Conscious Mind

The Guard to the Subconscious The Conscious Mind can be thought of as the guard to the Subconscious Mind. Only by using our conscious mind in a specific way can we change our beliefs and the outcome of our life. Imagine there’s a garden. It’s the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. Every colour, […]

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A split photo showing a green lush field on the left and a desert on the right.

The Mind

What is the mind? The brain is made up of a number of parts, including the left and right hemisphere. But, it’s still one brain. The mind is, likewise, made up of several “parts”, at the basic level of explanation, the conscious and the subconscious. But, it’s still only one mind, one consciousness. Looking at […]

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