A person paragliding over a foggy valley. Assuming the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled

Assuming the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled

Understanding the Wish Fulfilled

Getting what we want in life takes the assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled. That is what Neville Goddard would have told us. Most people will ignore these words because they sound a bit “out there” and a little “woo-woo”; in other words it sounds like a load of rubbish. But when you understand the meaning of assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled you’ll realise it is something you do daily.

Wantonly or unwantedly, you are consistently creating that state that brings to you the things that you have in your life. We are talking about your thoughts, your goals, your targets in your life.

But Goddard made it clear on how to “get there”, to our goals, our targets, our desires. A thought without feeling is just a thought. To start creating that idea, to bring it into our material life, we have to put feeling behind it.

In his little book, Neville Goddard explained that “Feeling is the Secret”. Without feeling behind an idea, without putting emotion behind it, it remains just an idea. It never gets the material it needs to start becoming reality.

Wantonly or unwantedly

We spoke about this a bit in the last post. We get what we put our thoughts and feelings towards. If we habitually talk about being unlucky or having a lack of money, that is what you will bring into your life. On the other hand if you speak of health and abundance then that’s what you will bring into your life – you set the targets and goals.

As you were reading those sentences what did you feel? When we talk of being unlucky and lack of money, do you feel your heart sink, your stomach turn? Like a sinking feeling? Or do you fill like it’s not true and you feel no connection to those words?

Which of the two sentences feels more natural to you?

Napoleon Hill said that a poverty consciousness “seize the mind” voluntarily but a “money consciousness must be created to order”. In other words, we think of lack without effort but to create a mindset of abundance we have to take the effort to create it. Unless it is something that you are born into.

So which one feels more natural – lack or abundance?

The Assumption

This means exactly what it says – you assume that you already have what you want. It doesn’t mean that it will suddenly appear in life, as if by an act of magic and put it in front of you as soon as you have made the assumption.

Everything needs time, whether short or long, to come into your reality. You have to feel that your assumption is real. You have to feel that what you want to materialise in your life, you already have.

That means that you have to ignore what your eyes tell you and believe in the idea that you have. It means that you have to feel the state of the person who already has it.

I remember listening to a talk by Esther Hicks, in which she explains that a lady was seeking for a partner. This lady said to Esther that if she continued in visualising and feeling that the person was with her, she wouldn’t need him anymore because it would feel as if he was actually there. Esther replied that this was the state she needed to be in to attract her ideal mate.

It would feel as if he is already in her life, that the visualising is just an exercise, because that person or thing feels real already. It’s a natural feeling.

The assumption is that what we want already exists in our life, it has already materialised and we get ourselves to the point where we accept it so easily that it is the same as breathing – it’s natural.

It’s Natural

And that is the hidden key to assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled. It’s a matter of getting ourselves to the state, the feeling, that what we want already exists in our life. We have to ignore our five senses and accept that it already exists.

Follow me here – everything begun with an idea. It then becomes a desire, a passion to make it happen. Then it gets so strong that we begin to do something, to make it happen. Once we get a taste of our goal it’s difficult to give it up – it has become an overwhelming want, desire. We continue working towards it. A few things go wrong but we continue. Until we make it happen. And all the while, as we are getting there, bigger and grander ideas come to our mind, that drive us beyond our initial desire.

Edison, Ford, Jobs, Gates, Buffett, Musk – driven by a single desire to create something and bring it into the world.

Every idea that is backed with an overwhelming emotion and feeling, a burning desire, will eventually see the light of day. Read this again and you’ll realise that the idea you have now may just feel like an idea. Or it may already be an idea that you’re so emotionally attached to that you can feel your heart beating in your ears.

Assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled

It is when you visualise, feel, taste, touch, smell, hear your wish, in your mind and it becomes so real that it feels as if it already exists in your life. It feels as a natural state of existence, of being, as taking a step, breathing, seeing.

You feel it as a natural part of your daily life. The more natural it feels it means that the blocks stopping you getting there are lessening or disappeared. Beliefs and fears have been replaced with the “I can” beliefs that will propel you forward to making it happen.

By assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, we are accepting that what we want is already in our life. By continually visualising this event, we drive it more and more into our subconscious until it accepts it as the new belief. We cannot do this without feeling and emotion.

So the question has to be, once again, as before – what are you assuming? What is the feeling you are holding? What wish are you currently fulfilling?

Each assumption has it’s corresponding world. If you are truly observant you will notice the power of your assumptions to change circumstances which appear wholly immutable.
Neville Goddard

You must attach yourself spiritually to what you have placed in your imagination as a future fact, and never allow anyone, anything, any circumstance, no matter how persuasive their case, to alter what you know to be your destiny.
Wayne Dyer

Photograph by: Maÿ Ieyvraz on Unsplash

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