A boy and a girl sitting at a dining room table. Appreciating the Unseen

Appreciating the Unseen

There’s an old saying that we take for granted, we don’t appreciate, what we are born with or given, but anything that we spend money on we treasure. Until we lose that thing that we initially took for granted. Appreciating the things we have is not difficult. The issue is that we rarely see what […]

Skier in deep powder snow in between birch trees. Freedom in the Face of Adversity

Freedom in the Face of Adversity

All around the world countries are going on a lockdown. Measures are being taken that can be considered draconian, but needed to control a situation. Viktor Frankl was in a worse situation; he was a prisoner in Auschwitz and lived to tell us how he survived it. Viktor changed his perception – he chose freedom. […]

Dark clouds with sun rays breaking through. Anxiety, fear, faith and compassion in the World

Anxiety, Fear, Faith and Compassion in the World

We live in a changing world and now we are challenged with another global issue – a virus that is causing anxiety and fear, challenging our faith, religion and ourselves, and compassion has turned inward because of this. Anxiety and Fear Anxiety is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain […]

A person moulding a clay pot on a clay wheel. Doing things in a Certain Way

Doing things in a Certain Way

Two sales people in the same city. One is doing well whilst the other one is not doing as well. Both are doing almost the same things, but one is more successful in their selling than the other. Why? Because one is doing things in a certain way whereas the other isn’t. Wallace Wattles makes […]

People in a coffee shop. Opinions are the Cheapest Commodities

Opinions are the Cheapest Commodities

From the beginning of our life we are told what’s right and what’s not. We are told what we should do and shouldn’t do. The people closest to us watch us and eventually we are told what we are good at and what not. We listen to what people say and, depending on who that […]

A man standing by a mountaintop lake, with arms outstretched. It's all about Faith and Letting go

It’s all about Faith and Letting go

The whole concept of any learning process is to get to the point where you trust and believe in the idea. There are times when we decide we can’t do that, that it’s not a choice because it goes against our values, morals and ethics. Other times it’s because we hold beliefs that don’t allows […]

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