A man standing by a mountaintop lake, with arms outstretched. It's all about Faith and Letting go

It’s all about Faith and Letting go

The whole concept of any learning process is to get to the point where you trust and believe in the idea. There are times we decide that is not an option because it goes against our values, morals and ethics. Other times it’s because we hold beliefs that don’t allows us to do that. Self […]

A sailboat on the sea, with land in the background. A Ship called Desire

A Ship called Desire

Every movement in our life and in human history has been because an individual or a group of individuals wanted something to happen. Without the initial idea nothing would have moved forward. There had to be a strong emotion to make that happen. We call that emotion desire. What is Desire We can all relate […]

A man holding a camera lens, with a view of a city canal scene. The RAS and what you Focus on

The RAS and what you Focus on

Everything you see and hear is not everything that is out there. There is so much information in your environment, that your brain cannot handle all of it. Our brain can only handle a very small fraction of all that information. That’s where the RAS comes in and plays it’s part. What is the RAS? […]

A photograph of a rope bridge leading to a jungle. The difference between a Decision and a Definite Decision

The difference between a Decision and a Definite Decision

Is there a difference? Every day we make decisions, from deciding to get out of bed to the decision of setting the alarm at the end of the day. These are decisions we make daily. A definite decision, on the other hand, is one that will change the course of your life. You get up […]

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