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A child sitting at a desk with an open book near, writing on paper. A Mind for Success

A Mind for Success

Reading time: 8 minutes

A Mind for Success Educating the Youthful Mind As we grow up, during different stages of our life, during our youth, we take on different beliefs and opinions that we embody and place in our mind. We become more aware of ourselves and our needs. Our individuality becomes more apparent as does our own choices […]

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Woman with long dark hair, standing at a beach in Scarborough, New Zealand, with a vail over where her eyes are, trailing behind her in the wind. Fear.

The Concept of Fear

Reading time: 12 minutes

The Concept of Fear An Overview of Fear The word fear itself makes you worry and anxious or excited and exhilarated. Depends on your perception. For most of us, however, it’s the single most reason why we never achieve what we want to achieve. Most people are stopped by this one word – Fear. Others […]

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A man standing on a mountain top during the day in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park, Torrecilla, Spain, looking out at an awesome sea of clouds. How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts

Reading time: 5 minutes

How Mindfulness is related to our Conscious Thoughts Being mindful of our thoughts Mindfulness has been at the forefront of my mind this past week, mainly because of something I heard on the radio at the beginning of last week. It got me thinking as to what mindfulness actually is. The Google definition is: the […]

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A person wearing a hat and hooded jacket, looking at the sun over distant mountains. Photograph by Iswanto Arif. Do I have to Believe to Manifest my Desires

Do I have to believe to manifest my desires?

Reading time: 6 minutes

Do I have to Believe to Manifest my Desires? Understanding the mechanism of belief In everything I’ve read to date, there is the underlying requirement, a caveat, that in order for something to manifest in our lives, it has to be believed in. Belief is a necessity. Or is it? I recently read a comment […]

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