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Desire, Faith and Passion

Knowing where you’re going

I recall two stories that describe desire. The first is about the monk that was pushed under the water and told that when he wanted something as bad as he wanted to breathe, then he would be on route to achieving his desire. The other is an example about how we chase the person when we want to be with.

Both of them need that passion for something we want, a desire to get what we we want and we back that up with the faith that we will get it. None of that would mean anything if we didn’t take any action towards our goal. And we need to know what our goal is to go after it in the first place.

The hitch comes when we think of desire.

What do I desire

Napoleon Hill talked of a burning desire, that whatever we are after, has to be something that feels us up with such a desire that we are not willing to live without it. The thing is, most of us don’t feel that way about something or anything. The first time you probably had that feeling was when you were chasing after your first girlfriend or boyfriend.

Now, do you have something in your life that you feel the same way about? Something that pulls you, but for some reason you don’t go after it?

Well, that could be your desire. I say could be, because it may be a false idea you have and it could be something that you decided it’s what you desire, because someone, at some time, told you you’d be good at it or it’s a job or career you’d fit into nicely. So you accept that idea and it becomes your desire.

But you forgot about the way you felt when you picked up the guitar, or the paintbrush, or the clay and you formed your first sculpture. You pushed those ideas aside because someone said you won’t make money from them. We don’t make money – a mint makes money. We earn it.

Your passion

That first love you had…. No, not the boyfriend or girlfriend; I mean that thing you did that you enjoyed and time past by without you knowing it. It was that thing that when you look back on, it could have been something that would have been your gift to the world.

Our passion always ends up serving others. Anything we do is done in service to others. The better the service, the better we do. The more we put into that service, the better we get at it and the better we do. When you have a passion for something, these things come naturally, because it’s your name on it, your integrity, your heart and soul that goes into it.

It’s not just a desire to be, or to do or to have, just a passion, it is what you love and it is a work of love. You “put your soul” into it.

I recently came back from a place called Meteora, in Greece. There are monasteries at the top of boulders, jutting out of the earth, hundreds of meters high. The steps to the monasteries were not there when these monasteries first started out.

The monks would get into a rope net, attach the hook, at the end of a rope, to the net and get hoisted up to the monastery. The other way to get up there, would be using a series of ladders. In Greek the ladders were called “Anemoskales”, which literally translates to “air ladders”, because the wind would blow them a little when the monk was climbing up them.

What about a parachutist? When they jump out of that plane they put their life in the hands of a parachute that it will open, at the right time. They do it because they enjoy it and are willing to take a calculated risk. It’s a desire, a passion that gives them the push to make that jump out of a plane.

A matter of faith

And all of that, the monks, the parachutist, must have faith, that they will survive the trip to the top or to the bottom. Either way, gravity is still doing what it’s meant to do – holding the ladder to the ground, pulling the net and rope downwards, pulling the parachutist to the ground.

Both the monk and the parachutist have the same faith. It differs only in what they put their faith into, but both require the same amount of faith that they will be alright in the end.

They both have a desire – one to reach the top and continue with his prayers, the other to feel the exhilaration of the fall and the freedom.

Their passion is in what they do. The why they do it is personal and for each of us it will be personal – why I do what I do are reasons only known to me, and personal to me and me alone. Another person will have their own reasons for their passion. It’s drawn from the life we have lived and what we want to give back to the world.

Our faith has to be steadfast, unwavering. Can you imagine that monk, fifty meters up suddenly deciding that he no longer wants to go up there? Or the parachutist after jumping out of the plane that he wants to get back into it? Both will have a bit of an issue getting back to their starting position.

A final word

Unlike the monk or the parachutist, in our life we can turn back. We can stop and decide to go back to the life we had before we started out on our journey to a new life. It may be that the road ahead appears hard and difficult, that a lot of effort will be needed.

Any great achievement, any worthwhile achievement has always needed effort. Fear will poke its ugly head to stop you and in most cases, it succeeds. Courage comes from continued action.

A strong desire, for anything good and worthwhile, gives you the strength to continue, because you know that what you are doing is worth achieving. Your passion for that thing, is what will keep you going and reminding you why you started on the journey in the first place.

And faith – its the blind corner, after which you know there is more road to travel, but you also know that the road will lead to where you want it to. It’s only a matter of time and continued effort, continued action.

So, if you suddenly won 10 million today, would you still do what you’re doing? If not, then what would you do? If yes, then how would you do it better?

It really is down to you – the outcome of your life.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Mark 11:24

Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal or goal.

Earl Nightingale

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