Fear is the single most reason why we are unlikely to succeed in changing our lives. Deep embedded beliefs and emotions can stop us from moving forward, causing mental barriers and obstacles that we need to recognise and overcome, so that we can move ahead to make any change at all.

When we know and can name our fears, we are a step closer to making that change.

People at a table with laptops. The Link Between Creativity and Fear

The Link Between Creativity and Fear

Whilst serving with the British Military we would take part in military exercises, where to think on the spot and come up with creative solutions to any issue, was a necessary ability. If we allowed fear to take over, creativity would be stifled and no solution would present itself. Allowing Creativity A 2018 report by […]

Person on a hill top at sunrise. Dealing with Fear - Hope and Faith.

Dealing with Fear – Hope and Faith

Over the past weeks, we have been consumed with an unseen enemy, the likes of which we have not seen in modern times. Fear has gripped many and it’s unlikely that it will go away quickly – the fear that is. Hope and faith are what keeps us going.  The Fear The fear that has […]

A boy and a girl sitting at a dining room table. Appreciating the Unseen

Appreciating the Unseen

There’s an old saying that we take for granted, we don’t appreciate, what we are born with or given, but anything that we spend money on we treasure. Until we lose that thing that we initially took for granted. Appreciating the things we have is not difficult. The issue is that we rarely see what […]

Dark clouds with sun rays breaking through. Anxiety, fear, faith and compassion in the World

Anxiety, Fear, Faith and Compassion in the World

We live in a changing world and now we are challenged with another global issue – a virus that is causing anxiety and fear, challenging our faith, religion and ourselves, and compassion has turned inward because of this. Anxiety and Fear Anxiety is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain […]

A person seating on a white bench in a white room, wearing a white hooded top, with the hood up. Fear, Pain and Pleasure

Fear, Pain and Pleasure

Making it critical Why is it that some people are able to reach an amazing level of success, but fail to do just that? And why do some people seem to be going nowhere, only to find them later at a level of success that even they didn’t expect? It’s a combination of fear, of […]

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