An overhead shot of people walking across a railway station in Bern, Switzerland. The Impact of Emotions on Our Life

The Impact of Emotions on Our Life

The Secret to Creation

Have you ever tried doing something you don’t really want to do? Your emotions detract you from it. You find that it feels like all your energy has been sucked out of you, you have no enthusiasm and it feels like you’re made to do it. For most people that’s how going to work feels like, even though it shouldn’t.

Alternatively, when you’re going to do something you really enjoy or love to do, you have all the energy you need (and more), enthusiasm and you want to be there. That’s how you feel when you get back to your hobby, watch a movie or go out with friends, for example.

Each time you feel that way, however, for good or bad, you imprint in your subconscious a link between that feeling and that event. Now, you can change that connection by changing your emotional response to that event, and you do that consciously.

Emotion and the Subconscious

On the surface it seems that our emotions have a part to play only as far as our choices with what we like and what we dislike. There is, however, a deeper and more important role that feelings play in the outcome of our life.

As we mentioned above, and in previous posts, how we feel about something has the consequence of creating a belief or embedding an idea into our subconscious mind. Whether that idea or belief is taken on by the subconscious depends on our level of emotional commitment, how deeply we feel about it and, consequently, that is how our life we play out.

The subconscious mind is objective, but to get an idea imprinted into it requires emotion, it must be a subjective idea or thought, one that you are emotionally attached to.

That’s why illnesses, worries and fears persist – these are ideas and thoughts that carry a deep emotional content, a deep feeling with them, which, because of that depth of feeling, combined with the belief that it can happen (it is real), it becomes imprinted, embedded and real to the subconscious mind.

It’s like the person who says that every year, around November time, when the weather changes, they come down with a cold or flu. Not surprisingly, that is exactly what happens. There’s a mechanism to this, but, for now, we’re interested in the emotional side. They believe this and emotionalise that belief; and the subconscious takes it on as fact and truth – it’s real.

Change the feeling

One way to overcome a belief is by changing your response to a given event or situation.

When circumstances force you to some sort of distress, quickly return to yourself. Do not stay out of rhythm for longer than you must; you will master the harmony the more by constantly going back to it.
Marcus Aurelius

The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, a deep stoic, directs us to return to a place of harmony each time we are thrown into a place of discomfort. When fear, worry, distress, panic or any other unwanted feeling begins to take over you, as a result of an event, respond by changing the way you feel; enter into a feeling of harmony by consciously doing so. And the more you choose how to respond you’ll find that your outcomes will also change.

When you’re driving and you get cut by another driver, laugh or smile to yourself at the situation, rather than losing your temper, getting angry and raising your blood pressure. The incident has happened and you can do nothing about it – it’s in the past already. Smile or laugh at the fact that you’re in control of yourself and you will see this response, with constant conscious effort and persistence, repeat in other parts of your life. Consequently, the outcome of your life will also change.

The other beliefs we have we can also alter by “attaching” a different feeling to them. Rather than feeling scared of the dark, choose to feel excited, because the dark brings with it a view of the stars, gives your eyes the chance to adjust and see the world a different way. Change your perspective and change the feeling.

Change your Life

When you begin to take hold of your emotional responses and consciously choosing how you feel, you will begin to change the outcome of your life. Your vibrational energy will change, your beliefs will change, your interactions will change. You will begin to see things differently, you will be seen differently and, by the Law, the universe will respond differently to you.

The universe is that energy that binds us all together, from where the formless takes form and your ideas and thoughts, when emotionalised, take form.

What you emotionalise and believe will become your ultimate truth. It will not matter what you consciously say to yourself; all that matters is what your subconscious accepts as truth. And that is the way you feel and believe.

… the originating Life-principle is infinite, it is a single unit and, consequently, wherever it is at all, the whole of it must be present.
Thomas Troward

When a man believes in the value of the advice given him and applies it, he establishes within himself the reality of success.
Neville Goddard

Photograph by: Timon Studler on Unsplash

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