A man in mid air, falling into a river, after letting go of a rope. Letting go of Imprisonment

Letting Go of Imprisonment

A matter of Faith and Belief

The reason why we don’t move in the direction we want is because we’re not letting go of those things which hold us back. Fear, anxiety, worry…. loss.

But, if we would just let go of those emotional anchors that fix us onto a given point in life, we would find ourselves on the ebb and flow of an amazing life. The life that was meant for us. The reason we are here to live.

Instead, we cling unto those things that hold us back, including material possessions, because we think that they are what makes us, maintaining a form of mental prison, since it’s where our comfort zone is, staying behind what we really could be.

We Imprison ourselves…. mentally.

Instead of letting go and trusting in all that is, whatever you choose to name it, God, universe, we hold onto those ideas and ideals that keep us bound to a place which we may not want.

This is a self-made prison, a cage that holds you like a caged bird looking outwards and seeing other birds flying freely, blaming the cage you’re in; the cage, the prison you have created.

Most of the time, it really isn’t our fault. We have taken on beliefs and ideals from the people around us, a consequence of their beliefs and the people around them. Which means that our own beliefs are not really ours. We have borrowed them from the people that have long past. What you have to ask yourself is whether those ideals are worth holding unto, whether they are constructive or destructive.

However, now you are beginning to learn more about yourself and your mind. Accepting any belief you’ve been handed down (and it is a hand-down) is no longer feasible. It’s an excuse and a poor one at that. Your circumstances may currently not have changed and they may not change for a while, but you can no longer push the blame on anyone for the future you will be living in.

It is down to you to make your future.

Getting uncaged

If you realise and consequently accept that the cage is of your own making, then you can begin to break it apart. Eventually you’ll have taken apart a majority of it, which will allow you to see clearer and, with a leap of faith in yourself and your own abilities, you’ll be able to fly freely.

To get there you must trust in yourself and in all that is. You have to build up your belief in your own mind and the power it carries; how your subconscious mind plays a part in your daily life. It’s not an easy thing to do, to override beliefs and ideals you’ve held in your subconscious mind up this moment in time; they have a good hold in your mind.

It will take effort and time. It will take a lot of repetition of affirmations that you will have developed for your own specific need. Because of the way you will feel towards a given affirmation you will use your own words to make it feel right. Regardless, by repeating an affirmation you will eventually come to accept it.

The key is believing that the change is possible. More importantly is wanting the change. Without the want there can be no movement. Without a decision for change there can be no action.

To move away from an unwanted position you find yourself in, you have to let go of disbelief. Ask yourself how much further you could reach if you did let go of all disbelief. What could you achieve?

Follow your heart and let go. Trust that it will be so and it will be.

“Let go and let God”.

A life imprisoned is no life at all. A cage is still a cage regardless of how you disguise it.
Christos Harrison

Photograph by: Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

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