Breaking Barriers

Reading time: 3 minutes

Breaking Barriers The Impossible Time In 1954, at the Iffley Roadtrack in Oxford, England, a single man proved that beliefs can be overcome through action and self belief. He showed that the barriers which hold us back can be overcome. Up until that point, running a mile under four minutes…

Finding Your Purpose or Do You Already Know It

Reading time: 5 minutes

Finding Your Purpose or Do You Already Know It Defining your Purpose There are myriads of methods you can try to discover your purpose. Type the words in any browser and you’ll get articles and videos on the subject. To find your purpose, however, you have to start by asking…

How to Change your Life

Reading time: 7 minutes

How to Change your Life An Overview of the Principles and Laws of Change We all find ourselves at a point where we would like to change our life, to be more than what we are, to a better way to live. If you have not felt this way, then…

Letting Go of Imprisonment

Reading time: 2 minutes

Letting Go of Imprisonment A matter of Faith and Belief The reason why we don’t move in the direction we want is because we’re not letting go of those things which hold us back. Fear, anxiety, worry…. loss. But, if we would just let go of those emotional anchors that…

A State of Comfort

Reading time: 5 minutes

A State of Comfort In the Comfort Zone I was standing outside in the evening heat and humidity, thinking about the increasing moisture and humidity, trying to find some form of comfort. Lost on this thought, I said to myself, in my mind, “I’ve been here for quite a few…

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