Do I Have to Believe to Manifest My Desires?

Reading time: 6 minutes

Understanding the mechanism of belief In everything I’ve read to date, there is the underlying requirement, a caveat, that in order for something to manifest in our lives, it has to be believed in. Belief is a necessity. Or is it? I recently read a comment under a YouTube video….

The Relation Between Knowledge and Power

Reading time: 5 minutes

How Knowledge leads to Self Empowerment There’s an old saying that “Knowledge is Power”. Chances are, that in that case, it was intended for manipulation; when you know something about someone that they are trying to keep secret, giving you leverage. That, however, is not the way to live. That…

The Fear of Failure

Reading time: 4 minutes

When failure becomes another’s fear Stepping out of the so called “norm” can be a stressful, worryful and opinionated time, one of risk and possible failure. Not just for the one making that step, but, for others as well. Yes, you may begin to stress and worry, but, once you…

Letting Go – Trust, Emotion and your Body

Reading time: 5 minutes

Can you really let go? I have written about this topic, letting go, before (letting-go). This time it’s personal. At least this time I’m aware of it, I should say. I’ve had some psychosomatic issues recently. It’s quite strange having to experience something like that, when I’m the one that…

What is Your Level of Competence

Reading time: 5 minutes

The 4 Levels of Competence Have you ever used a compass and a map whilst walking? In the military you have to have a good level of competence in map reading and using a compass. Not surprising really. What is surprising is how few of us do exactly the same…

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