Knowledge and Understanding leads
to Change!
The Mind
Do you know your Mind?
Do you Understand it?
Fear stalls us, keeps us still!
Do you Know and Understand your Fears?
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Hello and Welcome
Are you at a point in your life that you know things can be better,
but you don’t know how to make that happen?

My name is Christos Harrison. That is the social identity I have. It identifies but does not define me and your name is the same for you.I started this site because of the frustration I felt with my life. I knew that I could change it, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t have the knowledge or the know-how.

The key is not always the “how to”, because, when it comes to the mind, the “how to” only works if there is a want for change, a passion for change. As I gained more knowledge, more understanding in how things worked and then believed in them, my life began to change. It was at this time that I wanted to share what I had learned, with who ever wants to hear. So, this site came to life.

Every week there is a new post. Everything is linked, interlinked and works as part of a synergistic system. Just like your mind, your brain and your body. In the same way, each post gives you an insight into your mind, a different perspective. It doesn’t matter which post you start with, as long as you start.

You will find posts on the mind, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. We cover emotions, such as anger, their effects on us and how emotions and feelings are important, not only for living but in creating the life we want. There are posts on traits of character, like confidence, on action and decision. And the posts that cover fear and beliefs. We cover the ego and the self-image, both of which are your ideas about who and what you are.

If you are new to these ideas and thoughts give them an opportunity and a chance, and the possibility that they could be true. Look at your own life and reflect to see whether the ideas have any truth in them or not. You’ll find that they do. Browse through the site and the articles. When something sparks your interest stop and read. Start from there.

Thank you for being here and remember to leave a comment.

To make any change we have to want to make that change. The want has to be there.
The desire has to be there. Not just a mere idea.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing,
we would literally astound ourselves.”
Thomas Alva Edison
Latest posts
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Appreciating the Unseen

There’s an old saying that we take for granted, we don’t appreciate, what we are born with or given, but anything that we spend money on we treasure. Until we lose that thing that we initially took for granted. Appreciating the things we have is not difficult. The issue is…

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Freedom in the Face of Adversity

All around the world countries are going on a lockdown. Measures are being taken that can be considered draconian, but needed to control a situation. Viktor Frankl was in a worse situation; he was a prisoner in Auschwitz and lived to tell us how he survived it. Viktor changed his…

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