Holding Onto False Perceptions

Reading time: 6 minutes

Holding Onto False Perceptions Changing our Views How many times have you been told something and you’ve taken it for granted that it is true? Your boss tells you how you should do something and you don’t question it, because it’s your boss. One of your parents told you something…

Loving Our Enemies

Reading time: 7 minutes

Loving Our Enemies Mental and Physical health We tend to forget what emotions really mean for us as human beings. They are the reason why we can be completely detached from some people and completely attached to others. This weekend I got reminded of one of the biggest lessons when…

Fear, Pain and Pleasure

Reading time: 5 minutes

Fear, Pain and Pleasure Making it critical Why is it that some people are able to reach an amazing level of success, but fail to do just that? And why do some people seem to be going nowhere, only to find them later at a level of success that even…

The Need for Control

Reading time: 5 minutes

The Need for Control The illusion of control We would all like to think that we have full control over our life, but every now and then life kicks in and reminds us that this control is all but an illusion. I’m not talking about free will, the subject of…

The Choices We Make

Reading time: 6 minutes

The Choices We Make Free will or choice-less Every day we make choices and each of those choices will affect our life, in one way or another; from whether to have a tea or coffee or water, to whether to accept the new job opportunity or stay where you are….

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