A group of people looking at a laptop screen. The Language of Thought and Change

The Language of Thought and Change

We think that we think, but the language we speak gives us away. The language of thought and the language of change is foreign to us to start with, but like any new environment, we learn, understand and apply what we learn. The process of thought and change is no different. It all starts with […]

Shoppers near Regent Street in London, UK. The decisions and choices we make

The Decisions and Choices We Make

Can you imagine having to make a decision that can change the course of humanity? It’s a choice that many make every day. The choices you make today will affect people in the next 5 minutes, next hour, tomorrow and possibly for years to come. Some decisions and choices will affect generations. Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov […]

A painter, painting a scene at the seaside. The Two Sides of Perfectionism

The Two Sides of Perfectionism

There are two sides to perfectionism. One side is seeking to make sure that something gets done or is done flawlessly. On the other hand, perfectionism can stifle us, blind us and stop us in our tracks. What is perfectionism Perfectionism isn’t OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). OCD is when someone does the same thing again and […]

People seating in a café. After the Isolation - the Fear to come

After the Isolation – the Fear to come

Just over a month ago the world started to go on lockdown. Borders closed. Doors and windows closed. Movement stopped. Complete isolation to protect ourselves and others. But what’s going to happen when you can walk around again, interact again, brush shoulder to shoulder with people again? That’s when fear and social anxiety flare up. […]

A man holding a camera lens, with a view of a city canal scene. The RAS and what you Focus on

The RAS and what you Focus on

Everything you see and hear is not everything that is out there. There is so much information in your environment, that your brain cannot handle all of it. Our brain can only handle a very small fraction of all that information. That’s where the RAS comes in and plays it’s part. What is the RAS? […]

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