Golden Buddha statue in the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand. Who are you, really?

Who are you, Really?

Most of us travel through life like a tourist, never really knowing the whole truth of the place we are visiting. Who are you? Not in the spiritual sense but in a real, pragmatic sense. Most of us lack the awareness to see through the armour and ideals that we cover ourselves with, never seeing […]

Person leaning on a window-sill, looking out. The Truth About of Motivation

The Truth About of Motivation

There’s a fallacy behind motivation. We hear that we need to motivate ourselves to do better, to get things done. But motivation is like happiness and sadness – it’s a state that comes and goes. So if it’s not always there, if we are not always motivated to do, then what will keep us going? […]

A person looking up at a wall. What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

Have you ever tried going over a twelve-foot wall? Just you, no help allowed. The answer would be a resounding no. It’s one of the obstacles in the military assault course. It is when you realise that cohesion and cooperation are important. It’s when you realise that you cannot achieve everything without help – that […]

People at a table with laptops. The Link Between Creativity and Fear

The Link Between Creativity and Fear

Whilst serving with the British Military we would take part in military exercises, where to think on the spot and come up with creative solutions to any issue, was a necessary ability. If we allowed fear to take over, creativity would be stifled and no solution would present itself. Allowing Creativity A 2018 report by […]

A person holding a lit light bulb. Why It’s Okay to Fail!

Why It’s Okay to Fail!

Failure! This one word alone has stopped more people in their tracks, before they have even begun, from achieving something which could have, would have, changed their life. But failure has a bad name. In truth, it can be a learning experience to something greater. To fail means to learn and this is a way […]

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