Person leaning on a window-sill, looking out. The Truth About of Motivation

The Truth About of Motivation

There’s a fallacy behind motivation. We hear that we need to motivate ourselves to do better, to get things done. But motivation is like happiness and sadness – it’s a state that comes and goes. So if it’s not always there, if we are not always motivated to do, then what will keep us going? […]

A person looking up at a wall. What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

Have you ever tried going over a twelve-foot wall? Just you, no help allowed. The answer would be a resounding no. It’s one of the obstacles in the military assault course. It is when you realise that cohesion and cooperation are important. It’s when you realise that you cannot achieve everything without help – that […]

A flock of sheep. Living in a Negative Environment

Living in a Negative Environment

Have you stood in a queue and all you can hear is that one person complaining about how slow the queue is moving or that the employees of the store are not doing their job? What about a friend or someone in your family who just seems to find anything and everything to complain about? […]

A painter, painting a scene at the seaside. The Two Sides of Perfectionism

The Two Sides of Perfectionism

There are two sides to perfectionism. One side is seeking to make sure that something gets done or is done flawlessly. On the other hand, perfectionism can stifle us, blind us and stop us in our tracks. What is perfectionism Perfectionism isn’t OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). OCD is when someone does the same thing again and […]

A bridge on a lake that takes a turn to the right. The Path of Serendipity

The Path of Serendipity

We would like to think that we are in full control of our lives. The truth is that it is only an illusion. We can control the direction our life will take by thinking the right way, in a certain way and acting on it. But every now and then life takes an unexpected turn […]

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