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Traditional Japanese Theater and Festival Masks on a wall, Edo Wonderland, Nikkō-shi, Japan. The Death of the Ego

The Death of the Ego

Reading time: 6 minutes

The Death of the Ego Is it possible? You get up in the morning, you have your shower and you look in the mirror. Who’s standing there? You know your name, your family status, you know what you do for a living and so on. But who are you? What are your beliefs and your […]

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An archer aiming at a target, with the bow drawn and arrow sighted. Why Set Goals?

Why Set Goals?

Reading time: 6 minutes

Why Set Goals? Your Directing Mind We don’t always know the direction our lives will take. Serendipity has a part in it if we are open to it. The only sure way to know where we want to go is by setting goals. But why set goals? What is the point behind this? And do […]

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A child's hands cupped and holding sweets. Life Isn’t a Box of Chocolates

Life Isn’t a Box of Chocolates

Reading time: 5 minutes

Life Isn’t a Box of Chocolates It’s a Box of Thoughts Don’t get me wrong, I loved the film. The momental sentence of the film, “My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get”, put a smile on my face and a warmth in my […]

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A black and white photo of a person, from the top of the chest upwards, wearing a dark face scarf mask, covering their face. Holding Onto False Perceptions

Holding Onto False Perceptions

Reading time: 6 minutes

Holding Onto False Perceptions Changing our Views How many times have you been told something and you’ve taken it for granted that it is true? Your boss tells you how you should do something and you don’t question it, because it’s your boss. One of your parents told you something and you accept it to […]

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