Shoppers near Regent Street in London, UK. The decisions and choices we make

The Decisions and Choices We Make

Can you imagine having to make a decision that can change the course of humanity? It’s a choice that many make every day. The choices you make today will affect people in the next 5 minutes, next hour, tomorrow and possibly for years to come. Some decisions and choices will affect generations. Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov […]

A painter, painting a scene at the seaside. The Two Sides of Perfectionism

The Two Sides of Perfectionism

There are two sides to perfectionism. One side is seeking to make sure that something gets done or is done flawlessly. On the other hand, perfectionism can stifle us, blind us and stop us in our tracks. What is perfectionism Perfectionism isn’t OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). OCD is when someone does the same thing again and […]

People paragliding and parachuting. Thinking the Impossible Possible

Thinking the Impossible Possible

On this day, May 5th, back in 1961, Alan Shepard Jr., became the first U.S. astronaut to travel in space. It was a fifteen-minute flight in the “Freedom 7” spacecraft. Years later John F. Kennedy’s dream to send a man to the moon was realised. The impossible became possible because one man dared to think […]

People in a coffee shop. Opinions are the Cheapest Commodities

Opinions are the Cheapest Commodities

From the beginning of our life we are told what’s right and what’s not. We are told what we should do and shouldn’t do. The people closest to us watch us and eventually we are told what we are good at and what not. We listen to what people say and, depending on who that […]

A black and white photo of a crowd of people seating in a stadium. Are you being Brainwashed?

Are you being Brainwashed?

What is Brainwashing? With all the media around us, whether television, social media or the radio, there’s so much information we are receiving daily that we take for granted what we hear. Would we know, however, if we were being brainwashed? The word itself brings images (for me at least) of a load of brains […]

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