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The Principle of “Act As If”

What is Act As If

“Bluff it ‘till you become it”; “You become what you think about”; “Act as if”. The last phrase is what we are told to do when we want to become something or someone. But what does it actually mean?

Neville Goddard talks of “assuming the wish fulfilled”, where we are to feel as if our wishes are already a reality. For some it is harder to do when our reality is anything but what we truly wish. We live by the environment, what the five senses tell’s us.

How does that differ from “Act as if”?

It doesn’t. It’s the same thing. Different words, implying something else but the result and the means are the same. But how do we actually act as if and how do we assume the wish fulfilled?

You live your life as if what you want is already in your life. Somehow, that doesn’t sound like smart advice or reasonable when you wish to be travelling all over the world or having your own business, but neither of it is real at the moment. And you can’t spend money you don’t have – that is, you don’t have it yet. So how do we act as if our wish is already real?

Acting a If…

This is one of the hardest things to do when we base our life on what we see and experience in our daily lives, when we live by our five senses rather than our imagination and our intuition.

You have to see the image clearly, in detail and you have to feel what it would feel like if it was already real. You pull the future into the present and you immerse yourself into that environment, shutting out all present circumstances. Using our imagination to visualise our ideal life we begin to form and idea.

By holding onto that idea and running through that image day in, day out, “ceaselessly praying”, we build a clearer and clearer image but we also stoke the fire of our desire, until it becomes a burning desire. This doesn’t usually happen overnight.

Once we are clear of what we want, in particular who we want to become, that is when we can start applying the principle of act as if. We can begin to be that person, the character, the beliefs, the ideals. You are not going to have the finances you may want to have bu there is no reason why you can’t visit the car dealers, the estate agents to look for your ideal home or even get a drawing of your ideal home.

It’s not about going out and spending beyond your current limits and putting yourself in debt so you can pretend to be someone you are not, but it is about being the person you want to become. This is not just pretending, this is being the person you want to be.

Acting the part

The other side of the acting as if principle, is applying the same rules to a job you have taken on but you don’t have the experience or knowledge for. You act as if you are experienced, that you have the knowledge, whilst you gain the knowledge and experience.

This is what Kathy Delaney-Smith, the head coach of the Harvard University Women’s basketball team did. This was the least of her achievements using this idea. But she has used it effectively to succeed in her endeavours and life.

You act the part until you become it fully. The same rules apply.

This goes for your health as well (Kathy Delaney-Smith did this in her own life). It is Acting as if we are healthy, even when we are physically otherwise. We continue with what we have to do medically but we add to that with the way we think.

Wayne Dyer talks about this in his film “The Shift”, feeling the healing taking place before it does.

You do what an actor does to put themselves in their role – they become the character they portray. In the same way, you have to become the “character” you want to be – but it’s not a character you are portraying; you are becoming the new you, you are bringing the future you to the present, you are you.

You are the hero in your own life movie.

Living the Act As If principle

Acting as if is an all-encompassing idea. It’s not just about changing our career, our job, our way of living but also our health and body, which will affect our way of living.

Remember, without health the rest is useless. You may be a millionaire but without your health you can’t do much with it, except spend it on your health. Being healthy is a part of being “rich”.

To “act as if” is not a pointless idea and definitely not worthless. It’s a matter of understanding it and exactly what it means, what it implies and what is expected of you. It is about being the person you wish to become, emotionally, mentally and physically. The material things will eventually come into your reality, manifesting at the right time.

Neville reminds us that,

By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.

First you have to be it before you can become it. You can’t be something that you are not.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
Albert Einstein

You know a thing mentally by looking at it from the outside, by comparing it with other things, by analysing it and defining it; whereas you can know a thing spiritually only by becoming it.
Neville Goddard

Photograph by: Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

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