A person holding three pots with seedlings. The Seed You Plant

The Seed You Plant

Why you get what you get

All through your life you have been conditioned and you’ve been conditioning yourself with the ideas you plant into your mind – you plant the seed and then it grows.

What does that mean, planting a seed? And in your mind? Is it likely that a tree will grow out of your head?

Metaphorically speaking, yes!

Every seed you plant is a thought about your life and where it will go, the direction your life will take, what you’ll get in your life, what will manifest along the way and how serendipity will take it’s part; that cunning opportunity that appears cloaked in something unexpected.

So why is it that most people don’t get what they want or when they do it’s not what they expected?

Two reasons – one is that they were not asking the right way (in reality they were asking for what they don’t want rather than what they do want) and the second because they were not specific enough. They didn’t define what they wanted, exactly.

Most people however don’t really know what they want and so end up asking for… nothing.

Define that seed

When we talk about defining something we’re not talking about a basic description. Allow me to give you an example.

Let’s say you want a brand new MacBook Pro. It could be a brand new one from 2012; it’s still brand new. It could also end up being a 13 inch but you wanted the larger 15 inch. And if you do get the one you want has it got all the extras you want with it?

What about a new car or a new house? Have you specified it down to the smallest details? What kind of audio system do you want? Have you thought about the USB ports for your phone in the car or by the bedside? Or even better a hands free system for safer driving in the car. Be specific!

Do you feel that it’s all beyond your budget at the moment? Then you are not ready to ask for that thing yet. You don’t believe you will get it because you don’t think you can. Remember that we’re not just talking about earning that thing. Sometimes the universe moves things round to put things on your lap.

You just have to put aside your old beliefs for a while, say thirty days, and be naive enough to believe that anything is possible. Continue working, doing what you do, working towards your worthy ideal but keeping an open mind that at any time the universe will provide you with what you are asking for.

For those of us that are religious remember that the universe translates to God. For those that aren’t, think of it as energy. Because it is.

See the seed grow

If you’ve made it this far, then the next step is seeing it in your minds eye. Use your imagination to visualise that thing that you want. And don’t just imagine it. How would you feel if you had it or were doing it?

If you want to have your own business, how would it feel? What does it smell like, what emotions would you be feeling? What are you hearing, what noises are around you? What type of music are you listening to? What smells are there? What does the area look like?

Maybe you want to open a small cafe, a restaurant, a barbers or a hairdressers, a car maintenance workshop – whatever it is you want to do visualise it and be specific.

Unfortunately we live in a negative world where the negative is easier to talk about, hear about, read about and think about, it’s a societal problem and it’s a world problem. Imagine a world where the opposite accounts for the majority, that positivity is greater than negativity – what possibilities would exist; how much further would we be. But our in-build system overrides our humanity, especially when it comes to fear. We are still being controlled by our “primitive brain” and it is up to us, each of us, to learn to deal with that.

So we must get into the habit of thinking of the best, what we want and a good life.

We are creators

I remember hearing this and reading this years ago – “We are creators”. For myself, I had conflicting feelings because of my religious background. How can I be a creator? Isn’t God the only creator?

That, however is not the meaning of creator. The meaning is that we create the life we have. We created it by our thoughts, our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us, and whether or not the environment and world events can influence our life or not.

Ofcourse, there are things and events beyond our control. We cannot control what other people do. We cannot control what nature brings about. What we can control is our reaction to them and Viktor Frankl’s example in how he dealt with his captivity in Auschwitz is a perfect example.

We’re not all like Viktor Frankl, with that strength of mind, but we can create it. We do have the power to choose one thought over another, the good, the positive, over the bad and the negative. It’s a matter of making it into a habit.

We are the creators of our lives. Nothing comes to us but everything comes through us, from us. Our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, fears – they all play a part in the outcome of our lives.

We attract what we are. That is the universal law. Have you noticed that “sick” people attract sick people and deter those with a healthy mindset? Or those who are complaining about the economy deter or come into conflict with those who see the opportunities or a better outcome? Which one are you?

We are what we have created. The sum of your life, right now, this moment you are reading these words, is the result of everything you have thought about and acted on or did not act on.

The greatest point in all of this, is this – if you don’t believe you will get it you want. You have to build the image and follow it up with naive faith that it’s appearance in your life is inevitable.

And act the person you want to become – in your mind see it all happen and before you know it you will become that person because your subconscious has accepted it as a mere fact.

So let me ask you – what are you thinking about? What are those thoughts going to bring into your life? Is it what you want? If not, change your thoughts and follow what I’ve written above. If you don’t like it or want it start changing it by changing your thoughts.

And if anyone out there is willing to give me a brand new 27-inch 5K, 2019, grey, top of the range iMac (no fusion drive, just SSD will do) to help me continue on my journey, I’d be eternally grateful.

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
George Bernard Shaw

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.
Matthew 17:20

Photograph by: Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

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