A person in a yellow raincoat kneeling in a yellow tulip field. The Set of Words We Use

The Set of Words We Use

You are what you Say

Every day, day to day, we use the same set of words. It could be to tell ourselves that we find life hard, that things are not easy, that it will take a lot of hard work to complete something or even the more common talk about our ailments, our illnesses. On the other hand, we could choose to use words that are more inclined to our benefit, such as, “Life is good”, “Things are challenging and fun”, “Every day brings new and more exciting things to enjoy”, “I was born healthy and that’s my normal state of health”.

A while back, I wrote a post that described how our words can affect our health and how they can affect the state of water when crystallised.

Our words, whether to our self or another, never miss the target – our subconscious.

We fail to understand, that whatever we tell ourselves is no different to someone else saying it to us and we take it as a fact, accepting it without doubt. Our self talk is a self proclaimed prophecy.

The words are you using

I will say one thing about the word “effort” – it’s a requirement if you want to change the way you think and subsequently the life you live. You can’t have a different life without changing the thoughts you have.

Your thoughts include images and words. Each image you bring to your mind has associated words attached to it. For example, if I say, “Orange” you’ll think of the colour orange or you may think of the fruit. If I was to expand that sentence and say, “it’s an old orange”, it’s more clear, more specific.

Every day you do the same thing. You create clear-cut images in your mind about yourself and your life.

The words you utter about another person are no different to you saying it about yourself. Your subconscious does not differentiate. We might want to believe that it can differentiate, that our subconscious is biased to our benefit and to the words we utter, but, as far as we know, it doesn’t.

Hence the saying, “Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it!” A warning as much a blessing. So be careful what words you use.

Changing your Language

I’m not referring to learning a new language, even though that’s actually a good thing – it improves your mental ability, as does learning a new skill.

By changing your language I mean changing your vocabulary, the words you use daily. By doing that, you begin to change the way you think, the way you see things, the outcomes you get. You begin to change, to reprogram your subconscious mind so that it begins to work for you rather than against you.

The words you use have associated feelings and by changing the words, you change the way you feel.

Always remember what Neville Goddard said – “Feeling is the Secret”. This is not just some “by chance” sentence that is like an inspirational or motivational quote you’ll find on social media; it’s a fact. Your words create a feeling and it’s that feeling that carries the message to your mind, to your subconscious.

This is the reason why so many people never get what they want, never reach the levels they want to reach, never achieve their ideal point of success – they lack feeling behind those words, those images in their mind.

Change the way you look at things

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”. What an insight! To do that, we have to change our language, the words we use to describe the way things are for us, our life and our outcomes.

When you change those words, that language, it is only natural that our mind will follow suit and change the image we get.

Try this – say the words, “Nothing works out for me”. You immediately feel a discomfort – that’s the feeling. Along with it there was an image, which has now become more obvious because I’ve directed your focus towards it.

Let’s change the words to, “Life is great and everything works out just how I want it”. How does that feel? Do you feel more hopeful? Do you feel more motivated, inspired, more able? Is there doubt because you don’t believe this? What about the image in your mind? Has that changed?

The image will change. It may be a strong image or a weak image. Close or far away. Your job is to keep that image in your mind and bring it close to you. Keep the words in your mind and allow the image to come closer, if it’s not.

Why is there doubt? How many times have you told yourself you can’t or that you’re not able to or any other set of words that have told your subconscious that you can’t be or do or have? Layers, upon layers of disbelief. And you are overcoming them; sometimes it takes minutes, other times, well, a bit longer. It’s up to you and how quickly you are willing to let it go.

Your words are the driving force behind your daily outcomes. They form your thoughts, the way you think, what you think about and what you bring about.

Words create your world. Words create you. And that means that you create you!

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Words are seeds that do more than blow around. They land in our hearts and not the ground. Be careful what you plant and careful what you say. You might have to eat what you planted one day.

Photograph by: Daniel Mingook Kim on Unsplash

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