A person looking up at a wall. What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

What’s Your Twelve-Foot Wall?

Have you ever tried going over a twelve-foot wall? Just you, no help allowed. The answer would be a resounding no. It’s one of the obstacles in the military assault course. It is when you realise that cohesion and cooperation are important. It’s when you realise that you cannot achieve everything without help – that you need people to support you, to lift you and pull you up.

The Wall

I remember looking at that wall and wondering how on earth we were going to get over it. I’m five-foot-four and a half in height. Another guy is almost seven-foot tall. If one of us stood on the other’s shoulders we’d still be unable to look over the wall.

And we still have to get over it.

We all face these walls on a daily basis and overcome them, but never realise that we are doing so. Then we have the audacity to tell ourselves that we can’t do what we really want to do with our life, at the same time believing that someone else can.

The reason we don’t recognise these walls is that they are part of our life and have been for a while. We have become immune, accustomed to them. We get stuck when we face something new, like a challenge or a “problem”. The truth is that we solve challenges and problems daily but we don’t believe that we can deal with something out of our usual routine.

Getting over it

Solving challenges and problems are not something that we have to do alone. Just like the twelve-foot wall, we could only get over it if we cooperated with others, worked as a team, trusted each other’s actions and trusted that each of us would do his and her bit.

In life there will come times when we have to reach out and ask for help to get us moving forward because we cannot see the solution ourselves; we are too involved and inside the proverbial bubble to be able to see from the outside in.

When these times occur we need to accept the help and listen to the advice being given. Of course, you wouldn’t ask a carpenter about metalwork – ask people that are where you want to go.

Every challenge can be overcome. We just need to be willing to overcome it with the help of others. As the old saying goes, “No man is an island”!

What I have learned is that pairing is one of the most potent managerial tools that I have ever discovered because of all the traditional problems it helps to solve.
Richard Sheridan – “Joy, Inc.”

Photograph by: Oziel Gómez on Pexels

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